How to prepare yourself for catching sharks and rays

If you want to enjoy a sustainable and enjoyable fishing experience, preparation is key. In this video, recreational fishers talk you through the best gear and tools to use when you’re out fishing as well as the importance of having a plan.

Key takeaways:

  • Choose circle hooks instead of J-hooks to reduce the risk of injury and mortality once you release a shark or ray.
  • Use non-stainless hooks or corrodible hooks if you plan to release by cutting the line so that the hook will remain in the shark or ray for a shorter time.
  • If you’re targeting sharks and rays, use heavy line to reduce fight time.
  • If you’re fishing from a pier or jetty, use a paternoster rig to lower the chance of hooking sharks and rays as by-catch.
  • Maintain your tackle box and ensure you have all the required tools including pliers, crimper, de-hooker, gloves, landing net, dispatching tool, gaff, bolt cutters and a measuring pole.
  • Make sure everyone on your boat has an assigned role and is across the Victorian recreational fishing rules or your state’s relevant regulations.

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