What to do if you catch a shark or ray from a shore or jetty

Australia is full of great fishing spots with many fishers heading to our shores and jetties. Sharks and rays can be caught from these spots which can be unexpected and challenging, particularly if you’re only an occasional fisher. In this video, we break down what to do to effectively look after yourself and your catch.

Key takeaways:

  • Use paternoster rigs to avoid catching rays by accident. Rays often frequent these inshore areas.

  • Do not reel in your catch over rocks or reef, bring it in over sand out of the wash/surf zone.

  • Ask onlookers to keep their distance and other nearby fishers to bring their lines in.

  • Walk the shark or ray around to the shore from the jetty or to a jetty landing. Otherwise, pull the shark or ray up and cut the line or dehook with a set of long pliers or dehooking tool.

  • Assume the shark or ray is dangerous unless you know otherwise.

  • If releasing, get the shark or ray back in the water as quickly as possible.

  • If keeping, land the catch as quickly and safely as possible and humanely dispatch.

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